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Industrial Safety Training Services

Safety First Production Must : Safety as a concept and practice has been its transition from beginining .Society experts a reliable control of harms, exceedingly from earlier demands. Every Industry has to pay attention towards the menace of rising accident rates. Cripples and hopeless wrecks shall no longer define by- product of any industry.

In the above context, IFAST has set up a separate division for TRAINING & LEARNING programme for the Industrial Sector apart from regular educational programs.

Fire safety training for employees is one of the most important investments a business can make!

We prepare and distribute brochures after company training sessions to reinforce lessons and ensure that safety and extinguisher basics are always on the job. Health / Safety / Environment

Prepare personnel to fight small fires safely with Fire Extinguishers at Work place. Give staff members the ability and confidence to keep small workplace fires from becoming major disasters with Fire Extinguishers at Work places.

We are dedicated to identifying, correcting, and preventing health, safety, and environmental hazards, which could adversely affect our employees, our customers, or the general public. Further, the management is committed to ensuring that all applicable regulatory health, safety, and environmental protection requirements are complied with and that adequate resources are provided to ensure the health and safety of employees as well as the preservation of the environment.

Total Safety has the crew, the experience and the resources to support your short- or long-term projects. Our certified safety specialists can provide effective and economical solutions for your company’s toughest challenges.

To provide our clients with superior compliance services by certified technicians at the lowest total cost.

I FAST has conducted Fire & Saftey Training programm in all types of Industries .


The wide spectrium Clientele includes


CCK Petronet




INS Venduruthy

INS Garuda

INS Droacharya

INS Sanjeevini



MoK of Southern Naval Command

Wonderla Amusement Park



Eastern Group of Companies


ICI Paints


Siji Mak Oils Ltd


Komcherry Weavers

Chinmaya Vidyalaya etc..

TANK - TRUCK DRIVERS' Certificate Training ( T T C T )

As per the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (Amendment) 1993, every Tank Truck drivers carrying dangerous and hazardous goods should attend the prescribed 3-day courses and get valid certificates from Government approved Insititutes.

I FAST is approved by Ministry of Transport, Govt of Kerala as per G.O (Rt) No 15/2003/Tran dated, Thiruvananthapuram 09-01-2003 for the drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous & hazardous goods by road as provoded in sub rule (1) of rule 9 of the Central Motor Vehicles rules (Amendment) 1993.

LPG & OTHER GODOWN SAFETY: To enhance employee’s ability and awareness.


As per the guidelines and instructions from the Petroleum companies.